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DTAG on the 29th ECS Conference in Malta (2015)

The SOUNDTAG lab member, Victoria Warren,  has presented her work on DTAG in the 29th ECS Conference in Malta (2015) under the title: “The short-term responses of sperm whales to the attachment of suction-cup tags“. Victoria gave a talk in which she explained  the impact of tag attachment on the animals. Tag attachment could be detected within dive parameters such as dive duration and foraging effort.
To see on what is Victoria working now click here

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DTAG study on porpoises

A recent DTAG study on porpoises co-authored by sound taggers Danuta, Mark and Peter has shown that “harbour porpoises can broaden their biosonar beam during the terminal phase of attack” 

To see the article click here Range-dependent flexibility in the acoustic field of view of echolocating porpoises (Phocoena phocoena

Do not lose the link to BBC iPlayer Porpoises, whales and dolphins use ‘sound searchlights’

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