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Science Discovery Day 2018

“Calling and Counting: Learning about whales and dolphins from their sounds”

The SOUNDTAG lab from SMRU & CREEM participated together in Science Discovery Day as part of the British Science Week 2018.  Danielle Harris, Popi Gkikopoulou, Marco Casoli and Filippo Franchini presented activities relating to marine mammal acoustics and density estimation from acoustics.  How do whales and dolphins use sound? Learn about whale song, whistles and clicks of dolphins, and how these sounds are connected to communication, searching for food and moving around in the dark blue sea. Can you mimic a dolphin? Also discover how scientists use sounds to count whales and dolphins. 

Dundee Science Festival 2016

The sound and movement tag participated in Dundee Science Festival 2016. More than 800 people attended the Animals & their Environment weekend at Dundee Science Centre on 5-6th of November. Drop in activities for people of all ages. Can you mimic a dolphin whistle? Does the sound of your name look different from your friend’s one?  What is the difference of the echo coming back from a fish and a squid? How do cetaceans find their food? How researchers spy animals living far away in the open ocean? What man-made activities threaten marine mammal populations?   and many other questions…

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